To have a steady growth, retain length and have your natural hair healthy; you must have a regimen.  The products used or the ones you have do not constitute your regimen alone. There are steps and procedures to follow; it also involves knowing what your hair needs a particular point in time.

I personally do not fancy protective styling, because as a diy’er it will take my time, energy and probably will not be neat as i can not see my head.  Therefore I  most of the time do low manipulation styles like twist out, afro puffs, braid out and wigs sometimes. With this, I am able to wash my hair every Saturday.

Terms to note: Tea rinse, co-washing, pre-poo, shampoo wash, hot oil treatment, deep conditioning, protein treatment.

  • Tea rinse: this is done by just pouring the tea (black or green) over your hair. This minimises breakage and shedding. I do this once a month.
  • Co-washing: it involves detangling your hair and massaging the scalp to lift up excess oil and dirt.  This does not dry your hair out. I do this 3 times a month.
  • Pre-poo:  this is done before using the shampoo to prevent the complete stripping of your hair’s oils, preventing outright dryness after washing. It is mostly done with carrier oils. I do this once a month.
  • Shampoo wash: this involves using the shampoo after the pre-poo process. I do this once a month or depending on product build up over the month.
  • Hot oil treatment: this is done by warming up your oil mix and applying to the scalp and your roots, wear a hooded steam cap for 15 minutes and rinse out. I do this every time I wash.
  • Deep Conditioning:  This done solely for the purpose of restoring moisture after the general clean up of dirt from the hair.  Apply your deep conditioner and wear a steam cap for 30 minutes, then rinse out. I do this every time I wash.
  • Protein treatment: It involves using conditioner filled with protein. I use mostly recipes for this, no particular product. It minimises breakage and shedding.  I also do this once a month or as i deem fit.

So this is a summary of my regimen. I will be making a review post on the my products i use.

Till next time….xoxo…



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